Story Of CNSME

The first story

In 1980s, Shijiazhuang Pump Works had introduced the advanced slurry pump technology, which has been the base of the R&D institute of slurry pump.

In 1990s, the new slurry pumps technology spread all over the country in the main industries, such as mining, metallurgy, chemistry, power plant and dredging.

In 1996, the pump series ZJ had been designed and manufactured, which was used for the light abrasive medium in power plant and tailings transportation.

In 1997, the pump series ZGB had been designed and produced for the delivery of abrasive slurry in high head application.

In March 2006, our first factory was established and specialized for pumping solutions in the domestic market, which helps our clients to get the fast and professional directions and maintenance services.

International team

In March 2010, we started to enter the international market, and within two months, we got our first order from our customer in Australia.

Starting from November, 2011, we got more and more confidence and support from market feedback, which helped us build the basic international market strategy.

At the end of 2012, we got this big support from the local government, and were guaranteed with a site of 51,200 square meters.

Early 2013, we began to build our new factory, which is located in the suburban area of the city Shijiazhuang.

In February 2013, the first complete international team for the service of international market was formed, with two separate groups lead by professional sales with 5 years’ working experience in slurry pump industries. 

In December 2014, we were invited by our customer from the USA to know more about our pumps performance at site and the market request.

By August 2015, we have offered our products and services to over 40 countries such as Russia, USA, Australia, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Iran etc..

In 2016, we exhibitied in the MINExpo International held in Las Vegas, USA, from Sept. 26-28.

In 2018, we exhibitied in Bauma, which was held in Shanghai, China, from Nov. 27-30.

In July 2019, our sales group went to Kazakhstan, to visit several of our important customers, and will also attend the PCVExpo which will be held in Oct. 22-24.

In the furture, we’ll work with more passion to serve our worldwide customers.