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Horisontal Metal Lined Slurry Pump SH / 250ST

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Pump Model: SH/250ST (12/10ST-AH) SH/250ST is equivalent to 12/10ST-AH, a 10” discharge slurry pump, which is widely used for abrasive and robust slurry applications. It’s wet-end spare parts are made of high chrome alloy, a kind of white iron, similar to ASTM A532. Material Construction: Part Description Standard Alternative Impeller A05 A33, A49 Volute Liner A05 A33, A49 Front Liner A05 A33, A49 Back Liner A05 A33, A49 Split Outter Casings Grey Iron Ductile Iron ...

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Pump Model: SH / 250ST (12 / 10ST-AH)

SH / 250ST padha karo 12 / 10ST-AH, 10 "discharge pump slurry, kang wis digunakake digunakake kanggo aplikasi slurry abrasive lan sehat lan kuat. Iku spare parts udan-mburi sing digawe saka logam campuran Chrome dhuwur, jenis wesi putih, padha ASTM A532.

Construction Material:

Part Description Standard Alternative
sengseming A05 A33, A49
volute Liner A05 A33, A49
Front Liner A05 A33, A49
Back Liner A05 A33, A49
Split Outter casings Gray Iron ductile Iron
batang Carbon Steel SS304, SS316
batang Lengan SS304 SS316, Keramik, Tungstan Carbide
batang Seal Expeller Seal Kelenjar Packing, Seal Teknik
Bearings ZWZ, HRB SKF, Timken, nsk etc.


Industry mining; Minerals Processing; Tailings Pembuangan; Fly awu; Ngisor Ash; Endhot lan Slurry etc.


Flowrate: 936-1980m3 / hr; Lowongan: 7-68m; Cepet: 300-800rpm; Prewangan Majelis: SH005M utawa FAM005M

Sengseming: 5-Vane Ditutup Koleksi karo Vane Diameter: 762m; Max. Size wacana: 86mm; Max. Efficiency: 82%

12-10STAH (5)

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