How to solve the clogging problem of slurry pump

If the Slurry Pump is found to be blocked during use, how to solve it is that many customers think that this is a relatively complicated problem. Once this blockage problem is not handled properly, it will easily cause damage to the equipment, thereby affecting the efficiency of use. Therefore, everyone should pay special attention to the clogging problem of the slurry pump. In fact, if you grasp the following points, you can easily solve the problem.


(1) The solid and hard deposits in the volute of the horizontal slurry pump make it silted up, and measures to remove the silt can be taken.


(2) If the axis of the shaft and the feeding box are different, the main reason is that the machining error is large and the installation is incorrect. Care should be taken to check that the installation is correct after installation. If the sealing water ring is seriously worn, it needs to be replaced with a new water ring. If the sealing water pipe is blocked, the sealing water cannot enter the middle of the packing, which will cause the packing to wear quickly and lead to leakage. The blocked water pipe should be dredged to keep the sealing water clean.


(3) If the impeller or the water inlet and outlet pipelines are blocked, the impeller or pipeline can be cleaned. If the impeller is seriously worn, it should be replaced. If the packing port leaks, the packing should be pressed tightly. If the conveying height is too high, the loss resistance in the pipe is too large, so reduce the conveying height or reduce the resistance.


The horizontal slurry pump should be regularly maintained during its use, including dredging. This can effectively avoid the problem of slurry pump blockage. If you encounter these problems in the later use of the slurry pump, you can follow the steps above. resolve.

Post time: May-07-2022